10 Python Projects You Should Include in Your Portfolio

Wanting to stand out to a potential employer or for a promotion can be a bit stressful, especially if you’re stuck on showcasing your skillset.

However, I have come up with ten Python project ideas you can do that will help your portfolio shine through and be a good conversation starter in your next interview.

1. Dice Rolling

This is a great project to showcase your understanding of randomization, for & while loops, along with ranges. You also have the option to develop it with or without a library as Python alone provides everything you need. However, some libraries can make the project easier to finish.

2. Web Scrapper

This can look like anything from extracting names from a website to finding the price of item, or anything in between. This can be a pretty small or big project depending on how you want to go about it. You can also output the data in the terminal or to a file extension of your choice.

3. Random Blurb of the Day

Before starting your day or at the beginning of you shift you can have Python auto -generate a joke, quote, or whatever to help motivate your day. This can be beneficial to those who are looking to add more positivity at the beginning of the day to get them out of bed.

4. Monitor

Tired of looking at the same thing over and over again? Opening an app or software, website, etc. just to find one small text or information. Python can do it for you instead. It can see your bank balance, finances, weather, mostly anything you can think of. Python can do it. This project type might be a bit more advanced and may require more time to complete.

5. API Project

Most companies offer an API that is either free or paid that you can use to practice or showcase your skills. Find an industry or interest you like and generate an awesome infographic or PowerPoint of your findings.

6. Web Application

This one maybe costly and a bit more advanced for some. You will need to know either Flask or Django to get this project done. Create a simple application that you and others can use, delete information, and so forth. This is part of the web development path, so super useful.

7. QR Generator

QR codes are pretty useful to anyone who needs them. This would be a great way to generate them and would be a fun project to tie with a web application, as you can sell it.

8. Password Generator

Having to go to a random website to create you a random password can be annoying a cumbersome. You can also use the randomization and range variable to help you get started on this. This one should be a fun and easy project to do.

9. Time Convertor

Convert time from one time zone to another. Ask the user the time it wants to convert then to the time zone it wants. This should also include daylight savings time and exclude states that don’t practice it.

10. To Do List

Creating a to do list for work or life is helpful to get the task done. You will have to maintain it daily however, but it feels good to check off a list.

When working for an employer or doing projects in a classroom it’s good to be able to show off your Python abilities. Especially, when working for an employer you can’t take the code you wrote with you and put it on GitHub as you don’t really own it. This allows potential employers or recruiters to see your abilities and understanding without give you all the tests.

Have you done any of these projects and how challenging were they for you?